Swing into a Win with a Yonex Tennis Racquet

Whether you’ve been wanting to shop Yonex for years or you want to try your favorite player’s winning tennis racquet, you’re in for an upgrade with their racquets. Yonex is a world leader in tennis gear, constantly innovating to deliver us the latest technologies in the sport. Controllable power and spin, the evolution of aerodynamic technology, and unique-to-brand isometric head shape are only the beginning with Yonex. 


What Yonex tennis racquet is best for tennis elbow?

Try one of the racquets from the EZONE series like the 105 or 110, which feature Yonex’s vibration dampening mesh technology to absorb shock.

What’s the difference between EZONE, VCORE, and Percept Yonex racquets?

EZONE racquets deliver great, user-friendly power and spin, VCORE offers aggressive spin without sacrificing precision, and the Percept puts the focus on control and precision.

What is Yonex known for?

They’re best known for their signature isometric head shapes. First developed 30 years ago, this technology gives racquets a more rectangular shape and increases the sweet spot by 7%.

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