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Carry and Protect Your Tennis Essentials

Keeping track of your assortment of gear and clothing can be tricky—especially if you carry more than one tennis racquet with you. Players have many options when it comes to tennis bags, from tennis backpacks to the classic racquet bag. Racquet bags are by far the most popular, with their ability to safely store multiple racquets (usually ranging from 3 to 15), and they have a main compartment for the racquets, along with a side compartment for other items. 

Backpacks are a versatile option for beginners and recreational players that carry one or two racquets and a side pocket for extra organization. One big advantage of backpacks is their flexibility. They are lightweight and are easy to carry around on foot or by bike. Duffles are ideal for pro tennis players, since they are great for travel and hold a large capacity.

Tennis totes work best for smaller, simple storage, but have been gaining popularity among casual tennis players. Lastly, racquet covers are the smallest, lightest, and cheapest options on the market. They can easily store as well as protect one to two racquets. The bag you choose is ultimately up to your style and storage needs!

Get Your Tennis & Pickleball Gear

We know that having reliable tennis equipment is crucial for your game, whether you’re a recreational player or a professional. Courtside Tennis & Pickleball carries tennis gear that fits perfectly in your tennis bag, including tennis strings, tennis balls, and breathable athletic clothing for men, women, and juniors. If you’ve recently started playing pickleball, we’ve got you covered too with our pickleball gear. Explore our tennis and pickleball collections today and get fast, free shipping on your order over $50!