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As a group of tennis enthusiasts, we can’t stress enough how crucial it is to choose tennis gear that helps you remain cool, comfortable, and free from injury as you move on the court. There’s a reason why so many amateur and professional tennis players wear Nike tennis apparel – it’s crafted with the technology that you need for the high intensity of the sport. Support lateral movement with our supportive tennis shoes online and let the sweat-wicking fabrics of Nike tennis gear keep you cool and dry!


How do I know which tennis shoes to buy?

While there’s no “right” answer as to the best shoes for your game, you want to consider the cushioning, the weight of the shoe, grip, and lateral support. You may also want to think about the type of court you’re playing on because that can impact how much traction you need!

Is it better to wear a hat or sunglasses to play tennis?

Sunglasses protect against UV rays and keep the sun’s glare out of your eyes, but some may find them difficult to play in so they choose protective hats for their adjustability.

What features do I need to look for with Nike tennis apparel?

Tennis requires quite a bit of running, swinging, and other active movements, making it vital to find apparel that supports comfort and flexibility. Generally, you want to look for moisture-wicking fabrics like Nike’s Dri-Fit, a lightweight and breathable design, and plenty of stretch to support your movement.

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As a family-owned business, we’re as passionate about taking care of our customers as we are about tennis and pickleball. If you have any questions about our Nike collection or other gear, reach out and we’ll be more than happy to help! Shop our tennis store for more tennis and pickleball gear now and get free shipping $50+!