Will started working at Courtside Tennis and Pickleball when he was 18 years old. He grew up playing tennis with his Dad and it was always something he enjoyed doing. He had no idea it would become a lifelong career. 

With each passing day, week and year he spent at Courtside he started to grow even more of a passion for the sport and for helping customers. 

When the original owners of Courtside decided they were ready to sell, Will was faced with a difficult decision. Buy a business at 18 years old with no prior knowledge and knowhow or find another job. He took the path less traveled, got a loan, multiple loans... and bought the business.

He spent the next decade figuring out how to be businessman. What worked and what didn't. What was profitable and what was a loss. The only thing that didn't change was his love for his customers, the product and the sport. He has always stood by doing right by the customer no matter what.

Courtside as well as his life changed when Jennifer walked through our Gold River location, July 23rd 2016. From that point forward, Will had a partner in life and business. Jennifer brought a new flair to the business that Will was missing. She saw ways to make more sales and new items to carry. With each new booking order Will would laugh and say this stuff will never sell but would always be surprised that they would sell out a few weeks later.

Jennifer brought a different flair and customer service level from her background in automotive collision repair. She was able to listen close and read in-between the lines of what customers wanted to see in the store.

Since 2016 there has been no turning back. They work together everyday to provide the best customer service and to bring the best products possible to the tennis and pickleball community. They love what they do, they love their customers, they love their brick-and-mortar stores and would love the opportunity to get to know you.