a shady tennis court surrounded by trees

What’s the best tennis racquet?

There are hundreds of options, so it really comes down to your personal preferences and budget. Some of the best tennis racquets include the Babolat Pure Drive, Wilson Blade 98, and Yonex EZONE. Check our guide to choosing a tennis racquet for in-depth advice. 

What’s the best pickleball paddle?

Just like tennis racquets, there are many factors to consider, including skill level and performance preferences. Check our guide to choosing a pickleball paddle where we cover the ins and outs of paddles.

How do I string my tennis racquet?

Stringing a racquet requires expert know-how and specific tools and machinery. We have more than 30 years of experience in racquet stringing, and we’ll finish the job within 24 hours.

What’s the best shoe for tennis or pickleball?

There are many tennis shoes and pickleball shoes on the market, and what works for one player isn’t always ideal for the next. The New Balance 1006 is one of our best sellers. If you’re not sure which pair to choose, get in touch for a personalized recommendation.

How do I customize my tennis racquet’s performance?

There are many ways to personalize your racquet, including changing your tennis grips, using tennis dampeners, using different types of tennis strings, and adjusting string tension. For example, a softer string with lower tension will give you more power, while a firmer string with higher tension will provide more control and spin. Our in-house experts will be happy to adjust your racquet to fit your playing style.

What is pickleball, anyways?

Everyone knows tennis, but pickleball’s rise to popularity is still fairly recent (although the sport has been around since 1965). Learn all about the fastest growing sport in America!

Where can I learn more about tennis and pickleball?

Our tennis and pickleball blog is packed with expert content, including product reviews, setup tips, buying guides, and more!