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Babolat Boost Drive Wimbledon Tennis Racquet (Strung)Babolat Boost Drive Wimbledon Tennis Racquet (Strung)
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Babolat Pure Drive 30th Anniversary Tennis RacquetBabolat Pure Drive 30th Anniversary Tennis Racquet

Make it a Match with Babolat

There’s a reason why so many tennis players choose Babolat tennis racquets—they’re a trusted, established brand that always delivers big on feature-rich components that support your tennis game. It’s safe to say that they know what they’re doing! Babolat racquets will serve up the power, speed, control, and easy maneuverability you’ve been searching for with your racquet.


What’s the difference between Pure Aero, Pure Drive, and Pure Strike racquets?

They’re each designed with a specific purpose for your playing style. Pure Aero is engineered for lightweight, easy-to-maneuver spin, Pure Drive is the ultimate racquet frame for generating power without sacrificing stability, and Pure Strike is ace for control.

How do I choose which Babolat tennis racquet to buy?

While these racquets are generally great for all levels of players, you want to pick the best one for your game. Think about what you want to achieve: power, spin, or control. Beginners will benefit from lightweight frames like the Pure Strike/Drive/Aero Team or Lite since they’re lighter and easier to swing.

Which brand has the best tennis racquets?

The reality is that every tennis player has a different preference. Some may try out a brand like Babolat based on reputation or what their favorite player uses, discover they love the feel, and keep using it!

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