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Wilson US Open Official Ball Extra Duty (4 Ball Can)

All About Tennis Balls

Much like the tennis shoes or the tennis racquets you choose, your tennis balls can make a huge difference in how you play. That’s right – despite looking pretty similar, they’re not actually all the same! For example, juniors will often use tennis balls with a red dot, which bounce lower and have lower compression to help develop skill levels. When you’re looking to buy tennis balls, you should consider skill level, the type of court you’re playing on, and preferences for speed and bounce to stay at the top of your game.


What tennis balls are best for a concrete court?

Extra duty balls are designed for hard surfaces, like concrete and asphalt, giving you more durability because of the thicker felt. The thicker felt also helps balance the speed of harder courts and helps your tennis balls last longer!

How do I choose the right tennis balls for my junior player?

In addition to age, you primarily want to think about their skill level. Tennis balls for sale will vary in size (larger for true beginners), density, bounce speed (speed increases with skill), and court compatibility.

What’s the difference between professional and championship tennis balls?

Professional tennis balls are the most premium and typically use natural wool and woven felt for durability and consistency. Championship tennis balls have more synthetic fibers, but still deliver great durability for everyday use.

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