The Best Tennis Racquets

The Best Tennis Racquets

Tennis is a great sport that involves intense physical activity, responsiveness and coordination. For everyone who just wants to play it or improve their level, we offer an article on the best tennis racquets.

The Best Tennis Racquets

Tennis is a great sport that involves intense physical activity, responsiveness and coordination. For everyone who just wants to play it or improve their level, we offer an article on the best tennis racquets.

Tennis as a sport originated among European aristocrats and for a long time was available only to a few. Many kings were enthusiastic supporters of this game. Over time, this sport of physical activity has evolved into a professional sport around which a vast industry has been created.

A racquet is an important element for a tennis player and is selected individually. Modern technology has made a huge contribution to the development of the tennis racquet. Now the advanced material from which to create racquets is graphite. These are significant factors that professional players take into account. For amateurs, the tennis racquet market offers more budget options made of metal alloys and other materials like aluminum. Of course, in terms of playing qualities they are inferior to professional graphite tennis racquets, but they work for some beginning recreational players. We have compiled a list of the best tennis racquets.

Top 10 Tennis Racquets

1. Babolat Pure Drive

Babolat Pure Drive is a tennis racquet that allows both beginners and experienced tennis players to feel comfortable on the court. The material for the manufacture was graphite. The model has excellent aerodynamics. The head size belongs to the mid-plus category, and the area is 645 cm² or 100 square inches. Such characteristics of the racquet will give the player more forgiveness if the ball does not hit the central part of the tennis strings. The string pattern of this model is 16x19, which increases the dynamics of the game. A definite plus of the racquet is that is balanced head light. The handle is very comfortable and lies securely in the hand. The material is pleasantly comfortable with the skin, and does not cause strong sweating.

2. Wilson Blade 98

Wilson Blade 98 is a tennis racquet that is well suited for advanced players. The racquet is made of graphite, which has good flexibility and forgiveness. The strings come in two different string patterns, 16x19 for spin and power and 18x20 for control and feel. The head size is midplus, its area is 632 cm² or 98 square inches. Good racquet specs that an advanced player will appreciate - a racquet that can give a player with good form and power more control. It has a good mid-weight and fits comfortably in the hand.

3. Babolat Pure Aero

The Babolat Pure Aero Tennis Racquet is a tennis racquet made of graphite. Ideal for a tennis player looking to generate more spin on the tennis ball. The tennis racquet is designed and produced with the participation of Rafael Nadal. The size category of the head is midplus, and the area is 630 cm² or 100 square inches. The string pattern in this tennis racquet is 16x19. The model is head light and allows for more string movement which increases the amount of spin that you can put on the tennis ball. In fact, this is a universal type of racquet that is suitable for different styles of play.

4. Yonex Ezone

Yonex Ezone is perfect for a beginner to advanced athlete. The racket is made of graphite, which makes it lightweight and durable. The bright design will be pleasant to the eyes. The model is slightly headlight and perfect for maneuvering the tennis racquet for topspin. Based on the reviews, it has a lot of power and a comfortable handle. According to the size of the head, it belongs to the mid-plus, which indicates sufficient versatility of power, control and forgiveness.

5. Wilson Clash

Wilson Clash is a tennis racquet that is very head light and easy on the arm. The design is made of graphite, which gives the racket such qualities as strength and lightweight. The string pattern on this model is 16x19. The racquet will perform well in high-speed play. The size category of the head is midplus. Nice color scheme in the design adds pluses to the look. The way that this racquet flexes makes it one of the best tennis racquets for arm issues.

6. Wilson Pro Staff

Wilson Pro Staff is a tennis racquet made of a graphite. Suitable for more experienced players. The 16x19 string formula will allow a advanced tennis player to feel confident, as it provides optimal ball control. The head area is 626 cm² or 97 square inches, which will provide more control and feel for a tennis player that already as power. Head size is mid size.

7. Head Radical MP 2021

This series of racquets has been known to tennis fans since the time of Andre Agassi. For almost 30 years it has been popular and has a huge army of fans. "Strike from any position" is one of the mottos of the players using this model. Main distinguishing features: good control, power and spin. Taylor Fritz uses this racquet who is one of the top American tennis players!

8. Head Boom MP 2022

New for 2022 in the Head sports racquet line. According to the testers, the Head Boom MP 2022 proved to be a comfortable and controllable racquet, and doubles players really liked it. In particular, Coco Gauff, one of the main young stars in modern tennis, switched to this model. Nevertheless, it is also suitable for amateurs.

The oval section of the top of the rim and the special design of the grommets, which allows the string to move more freely when struck, provide maximum power.
Specially designed BOX BEAM section in the fork area for confident ball control.
An innovative material at the bottom of the rim increases effect of the tennis strings.

9.Head Graphene 360+ Extreme S

Lightweight and easy to handle, and a larger head for even more power, the EXTREME S offers an aggressive combination of spin and power. Along with a new design, the racquet features innovative Graphene 360+ technology for increased flexibility and a clean hitting feel. With an open 16/19 string pattern, for more string movement and a powerful trampoline effect when hitting the ball, the EXTREME S is your ideal spin machine. The EXTREME series is approved by Matteo Berrettini.

10. Head Radical S

The RADICAL S is the ideal racquet for ambitious club players with a larger head size and lighter weight, Graphene 360+ technology and a fresh, vibrant design. The RADICAL S has a larger head and is lighter than the other Head Radical Racquets. This model would be great for teenagers. The rest of the RADICAL series, offer more power for stronger players. Featuring a new frame for enhanced playability and a bold new design, the racquet has also been upgraded with Graphene 360+ technology for increased flexibility and a clean hitting feel. With exceptional agility and ease of play, and a perfect combination of power, spin and control.

How to choose a tennis racquet

When choosing a tennis racket, you should pay special attention to the following characteristics:

The weight
Head sizes
Handle dimensions

The weight

The use of advanced technologies and modern materials in the production of racquets has greatly reduced their weight. The standard is considered to be 11 ounces (approximately 312 grams). So, what does the weight of the racquet affect? The lighter the weight, the easier it is for the tennis player to swing. However, the impact force is reduced due to the lower weight. Conversely, heavier rackets increase the power of the stroke. If you have chosen a light racket, then you should take a model with a larger headsize for more power.

Head sizes

There are three basic racquet head sizes: midsize, midplus, oversize. Midsize racquets are great for advanced tennis players. But such dimensions are not very convenient for a beginner, since the smaller racquet headsize makes it easier to twist and cause shock the arm. Racquets of this size are controlled and allow the tennis player to place the ball better. It should be understood that with perfected technique, the ball comes to the central zone of the racquet. Such a strike is distinguished by maximum indicators of strength and accuracy. Midplus racquets are optimal for playing with a large number of serves and shots, at high intensity. Oversized rackets are suitable for older players that have shorter swings. However, they do not have a lot of mass behind them especially when returning the serve. Midplus models can be called a compromise between the above two options. The mid-plus size is more suitable for high-quality ball tracking, while at the same time hitting more powerfully than the mid-size. This is a very popular option, which can be called universal.

Handle dimensions

The convenience of fixing the racket in your hand is an important factor in a successful tennis game. Therefore, it is so important to choose the right size of the grip. To determine the correct size, you can measure the thickness of the gap between your fingers and palm when you grip the racquet. The gap should be equal to the width of the pencil to an index finger. It is also worth considering that the European size standard and the American one are different. Another little tip: if in doubt about the size of the grip, then take the smallest one that is comfortable to play with.


There is a well-established opinion that the thicker the racquet beam, the more power. Different companies have their own technologies that can change how the tennis racquet flexes. Accordingly, the thickness indicators may also differ. When buying a racket, be sure to consider the thickness of the rim. Remember that with a thinner and more flexible beam, you will get control and your shots will be a little easier on your arm.


During your swing, models with a center of gravity near the head (Head Heavy) will feel heavier than those balanced more in the handle (Head Light). Racquets with a heavy handle perform well in a maneuverable, fast game, and with a heavy head they are slower when performing various technical actions.

Tennis Racquet Care Tips

Racquets should be stored in a case, the room should not be high temperature. The impact of frost also has a very negative effect on the condition of the racquet. It is important to avoid direct sunlight during storage. Try to reduce the contact of the tennis racquet with hard surfaces as much as possible, it may crack. There are special tapes to protect the top of the racquet and the bumperguard is replaceable. Keeping a racquet in a car is not the best solution: it will be exposed to high temperatures in summer and low temperatures in winter. Both are very detrimental to strings. To prevent slipping in the hand, there are special absorbent overgrips, this will increase the lifespan of your sports equipment.

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