What Type Of Tennis Grip Should You Use?

What Type Of Tennis Grip Should You Use?

When it comes to gripping your racquet or pickleball paddle, there are some very important things to consider before making a purchase. This blog will cover everything you need to know about the different feels, brands, and styles on the market.

Tennis Overgrips

Overgrips are the most common grip type that people use because of their easy application, cheaper price point, and overall practicality. When choosing an overgrip best suited for you, first and foremost, you need to determine whether you’re someone whose hands perspire, stay dry, or both depending on the conditions when you are on court.

Overgrips for Sweaty Hands

Tournagrip Tennis Overgrip

For those with sweaty hands, it’s crucial that you find a grip with a dry, clothy feel to it. Dry grips will do a better job of absorbing sweat and prevent players from feeling the constant need to re-grip their racquet or paddle throughout a match or hitting session.

For sweaty hands, the most popular overgrips are Tourna Grip Dry Feel.

Overgrips for Dry Hands

Gamma Supreme Tennis Overgrip

For players with dry hands, you’ll want to consider a grip that is tacky and offers more grab. For dry hands, tackier grips prevent the handle from turning
over in your hand on contact, which is super important on power and touch shots.

For those with dry hands, Courtside customers have always loved the Gamma Supreme OG.

Overgrips for Both Dry and Sweaty Hands

Wilson Pro Tennis Overgrip

Finally, if you’re a player who’s hands perspire in some conditions and remain dry in others, or if you’re often traveling to play tournaments in different climates, you’ll want a grip that can manage all of the elements. In this case, you’ll want a grip that has a slightly tacky yet cloth-like texture for optimal feel and absorption.

Dry hands can easily get away with using the Wilson Pro OGs, but they excel at sweat absorption, which is why for those whose hands vary depending on conditions, Wilson Pro OG is the safest bet.

Replacement Tennis Grips

Head Hydrosorb Pro Tennis Replacment Grip

A lot of what I’ve covered so far also applies to replacement grips, which are the original grips that come with the racquet or paddle, and cover the base of the handle. With some exceptions, these grips are primarily designed to give players extra comfort. Underneath most replacement grips, you’ll find a layer of foam or gel which is designed to protect your hands from the hard, abrasive bevels on the base of the handle. Typically, replacement grips don’t need to be replaced as often as overgrips, however, if the cushioning has worn down, or you opt not to use overgrips, then it’s important to make sure your replacement grip is fresh.

The replacement grips we’ve found to suit our customers' needs the best, are the Head Hydrosorb Pro and Tour, the Wilson Sublime, or Syntec Pro grips.

Leather Tennis Grips

Wilson Leather Tennis Grip

The only real exception to this is leather grips, which are typically used by high level or traditional style players who desire a firmer feel on the handle. I personally use leather grips because they allow me to feel the bevels of the handle in a way that most replacement grips do not. Leather grips are also the most durable replacement grips, but most players report that they lack comfort and can cause blisters.

When it comes to deciding which brand to go with for both overgrips and replacement grips, it will come down to the player’s specific needs. But please reach out to us if you have any questions!

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