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Tennis Attire & Pickleball Attire for Style & Comfort

Don’t know what to wear while playing tennis or pickleball? While not every court you venture to is going to have a strict dress code in place, you’re still going to want to choose appropriate attire for your sport. The right attire will not only help prevent injury but also facilitate easier movement and provide much-needed support – all while helping you be the most fashionable one on the court.

Here’s the tennis and pickleball attire you should wear for style and comfort.

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Breathable Tops

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Since pickleball and tennis can get seriously active (and sweaty!), you’re going to want a tee or tank that keeps you cool and wicks away moisture while you’re on the move. Go for a top that isn’t too tight or too loose to allow for a better range of motion. Though the type of shirt you wear ultimately depends on the weather and your preferences, you want to make sure that it’s breathable – no one wants their shirt’s fabric to interfere with their breezy comfort.

Remember that both men’s and women’s shirts don’t have to be black or white. If you’re looking to stand out with your pickleball attire, a bold color or print will do just the trick!

Flexible Skirt or Shorts

printed women’s pickleball skirt

Your tennis attire isn't complete without bottoms that match your favorite top. One of the classic women’s tennis outfits is a tennis skirt paired with a tee or tank. For an updated twist that will have you sport style on the court, try a fun color, abstract pattern, or pleated detailing. Looking for more coverage? Leggings are a great option, especially in the colder months, and still allow for your full range of motion during the match.

Similar to other sports and gym attire, you want superior comfort, flexibility, and breathability with your pickleball attire. Men — and women – will find that a good pair of shorts will do all three.

Stable Shoes & Ventilated Socks

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Durable shoes are essential to your overall comfort and well-being on the court, which is why it’s so important that you wear the right shoes. Make sure you’re at the top of your game with a pair of pickleball or tennis shoes that give you lateral and ankle support, plus arch support if that’s an issue for your feet. Comfortable shoes don’t mean boring shoes. Support your joints and your style with high-quality footwear from your favorite brands in the latest styles.

Don’t forget socks! Our selection gives you extra protection, shock absorption, and moisture-wicking features, ensuring your optimal performance and reducing blisters or irritation.

Stylish Sun Protection

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Don’t let the sun stop you from acing your match. Hats and visors are the finishing, stylish touch to your pickleball attire, protecting your head, face, and eyes from the sun so your full focus remains on your game. We carry a selection of hats that have quick-dry, no headache, and UV protection features!

If you can play with them on the court, sunglasses are another always-cool option to have on hand.

Shop Performance Clothes

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Stay at the top of your game with the pickleball attire and tennis attire made for style and comfort at our tennis store. Explore more of our high-quality gear you can count on in our collections today!

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