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The Best HEAD Pickleball Paddles in 2022

According to the Sports and Fitness Industry Association, the popularity of pickleball has increased. Explore a list of best HEAD Pickleball Paddles.

Head pickleball paddles were introduced in 2017. According to the Sports and Fitness Industry Association, the popularity of pickleball has increased. Over the last three years, participation in this sport has increased by 7.2%. It is a common perception that rugby or online gaming may be more popular at playing. This is wrong. Pickleball has all the elements of other famous sports such as tennis or badminton.  

Since 2017, Head continues to contribute to the pickleball paddle market. Finding the right pickleball paddle may be difficult. Models may vary, but they all look the same. From material to grip to size, you must know the difference. To enjoy this sport, you just need to look for the best head pickleball paddles, and we can help you do that.  First, let us understand;  

Why are Head pickleball paddles better? 

Head has been serving athletes with the best pickleball paddles since 2017. Ever since, it has become a go-to choice for the players. It does not matter if you are a professional or beginner, head pickleball paddles serve with all the styles. If you are in search of the best option for you, you will definitely find it here,

Before we look into various models of Head, let us first understand the basic differences there are: 

  • Paddle Shape: Diamond Control Shape Dynamic Power Shape

Extreme paddle line Radical paddle line 

Corners are not rounded Corners are slightly rounded

  • Face type: Graphite Fiberglass

The Radical Tour & Extreme Tour For other 6 models 

  • Grip Styles: Comfort Grip Ergo Grip

EVA material Lacks extra cushion

Softer feel No shock absorption

Minimizing vibrations

One by one, we will go through our options and list out how one Head pickleball paddle is different from the other. 

  1. Best overall: Head Extreme Tour pickleball paddle
  2. Lightweight: Head Extreme Elite pickleball paddle 
  3. Comfort grip:  Head Radical Pro pickleball paddle
  4. Best for power: Head Radical Elite pickleball paddle
  5. Best for professional players: Head Radical Tour pickleball paddle
  6. Larger sweet spot: Head Gravity pickleball paddle

Head Extreme Tour pickleball paddle

This option is best for professional players, giving maximum control to them. Now, why is this option the best for you? 

  • This paddle has a strong core made of propylene with a honeycomb pattern. This allows you to enjoy the satisfying pop while hitting the pickleball.
  • It is a diamond head shaped racket.
  • It highlights the carbon hitting surface. This is why it allows you to have better control over each swing. 
  • Further, control and spin are increased due to the spin texture, which the Head paddle has to offer. 
  • The paddle’s grip is made out of PU material. This helps you play without getting exhausted and easily hold the ergo grip.
  • The best feature is saved for the last. Head has to offer control stabilizer technology. This allows you to minimize vibrations during an intense game. You can then enjoy playing with your lightweight paddle, weighing 7.6oz. 

Head Extreme Elite pickleball paddle 

This one is part of the Extreme line. Although it is highly similar to Radical Elite. If you are to look for a difference, then you will find it's the shape. Still, let us see what this one has to offer: 

  • A lightweight racket, weighing only 7.8 oz. 
  • It is a diamond shaped racket and the shape offers more control to the player.
  • It is made out of Optimized Tubular Core or you can say polypropylene. 
  • Furthermore, it is composed of fiberglass, allowing you to have a strong grip over the paddle. 
  • Specifically, if we talk about the grip, it has Ergo grip. This is why you will have a more easy grip on the paddle without getting fatigued. 

 Head Radical Pro pickleball paddle

This one is the best overall option for pickleball players. Especially for the ones who like to play with a heavier paddle. Some people find more comfort in feeling control over the spin of the paddle. Now, what are some special features this one has to offer? 

  • This professional pickleball paddle is made out of Polymer Honeycomb. 
  • It is Dynamic Power shaped racket 
  • What is so great about this is the fiberglass surface of the paddle. It makes the hitting experience smoother and louder. 
  • The fiberglass surface also allows you to have good control over the spin of the paddle. So you can hit in any direction you want. 
  • It weighs 8.1oz, making it a heavier option. It may not be the best option for people getting exhausted easily. 
  • You can also use it in a workout session as well. 
  • If we talk about the grip of this variant, you can comfortably grip it as it minimizes vibrations at all times. 

Head Radical Elite pickleball paddle

If you are looking to hit the pickleball with more power, then this option is the best for you. The composite hitting surface allows you to play with more force, as this one hits both indoor and outdoor pickleball balls. How is this one different from the others? 

  • This too is made out of Polymer Honeycomb, having a face type of fiberglass. 
  • It is Dynamic Power shaped racket 
  • Another feature it has is the ergo grip. This too comes with an extended power core. Players can hold their paddle more comfortably for a longer period of time. 
  • The extended power core also adds to the thickness of the paddle’s surface. This gives more power, letting the player hit with strong force. 

Head Radical Tour pickleball paddle

This paddle is known to be the most expensive one. Head made sure to price it as high as its standard. It offers excellent features, making it the special one. 

  • It is made out of polypropylene. Furthermore, it comes with a graphite surface, which makes it distinct from the rest. 
  • Weight is lower than  Head Radical Elite and Head Radical Pro. However, this is not an issue as with the graphite surface, the paddle hits with great pace. 
  • Graphite surface also has a special lacquer coating. This helps in a comfortable grip and great control over the spin. 

Head Gravity pickleball paddle

This variant is the newest one Head has to offer. The Head Gravity pickleball paddle is best for players who maximize power plays. Also, if you want a great spin and powerful hits, this is the ideal option. The size and shape differ from the Extreme and Radical variants. Apart from this, there is new tech Head Gravity has to offer; 

  • This model is a little wider and shorter than the rest of the models. Now this change is great. This helps increase the power and play the biggest sweet spot. 
  • The comfortable grip is only one similarity you will find with other models. 
  • Head Gravity has eliminated the optimized Tubular Core and replaced it with  Sweet spot Power Core.
  • You might be wondering about the face type. It offers a unique hybrid hitting surface, much better than the graphite surface. This also gives better control over the pickleball ball. 
  • Another great tech it offers is the Extreme 3D spin. 

Now that you know all about top Head pickleball paddles,  select your favorite and order it now. However, we can dig into more specifics to further help you. Most of the Head rackets are heavy. This is because they believe it is easier for players to strike hard with heavy rackets. Even those players who are more comfortable to play with lightweight rackets become better with heavy ones. The lightest Head pickle paddle weighs 7.6 oz. 

Which variant should you go for? 

The radical model is heavier and thicker than the Elite model. However, Radical and Elite are further divided into two variants. Pro and Tour.

  • Pro: fiberglass 
  • Tour: graphite 

Both of them have the same grip. They spin with the same capability. Although pro may be a little more in weight, but the difference is minimal

  • If you are a hard hitter, go for the radical line. 
  • If you are a control player, go for the extreme line. 

Lastly, level is another important factor in deciding which one to go for. 

  • Beginner Level: Radical or Extreme Elite 
  • Intermediate Level: Radical or Extreme Pro
  • Professional Level: Radical or Extreme Tour 

Till now, you have seen Head has to offer amazing options for you. Head pickleball paddles are one of a kind. Head offers good quality, even if some of them are cheaper in price. We have listed the top 6 Head Pickleball Paddles for you. Now it is for you to decide.  

If you want an edgy shape, go for an extreme line. If you want a graphite face type, opt for radical or extreme tour. If comfort grip is appealing to you, go for any head models but extreme and radical elite. If you have a tight budget, Radical or Extreme Elite are ideal options. However, if price is not an issue, choose Radical and Extreme Tour. Visit us today at Courtside Tennis and enjoy your high quality Head pickleball paddles. 

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