Solinco Confidential Tennis String Review

Solinco Confidential Tennis String Review

For players looking to gain extra spin and control, Solinco’s Confidential line of strings is codesigned to achieve just that.
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For players looking to gain extra spin and control, Solinco’s Confidential line of strings is codesigned to achieve just that. Solinco is known for their shaped polyester strings which provide exceptional spin and feel. Players seeking more  topspin and precision will be glad to have tried Solinco Confidential.

Over the years, Solinco has been highly regarded for their plethora of spin friendly strings, and Confidential is certainly no exception. If your game requires a string that is sure to deliver more spin, more power, and better tension maintenance, then Solinco Confidential might be the string for you.

As a USTA 5.0 rated player, I need a string that will help me to control my opponents hard hit, heavy topspin groundstrokes, as well as a string that will give me enough power when I’m on defense to stay in long rallies. Having tried many polyester strings from different companies, Solinco Confidential gives me an unmatched level of confidence to hit out on my groundstrokes, control my volleys and dropshots, and crack big first serves.

Solinco Confidential excels when it comes to tension maintenance and durability. As someone who hits hard and heavy topspin groundstrokes, I need a string that will last me a couple of weeks without going dead or breaking too early. Of all the polyester strings from Solinco, I feel like Confidential does the best job of giving me that extra bite on the ball, without having to compromise on poor durability or lackluster power. Some strings are just a one trick pony, whereas Confidential seems to be one of the most versatile polyesters on the market.

The shaped profile of Solinco Confidential makes for an extremely spin friendly string. Shaped polyester strings are known for giving players a huge advantage in the spin department. Whether you’re going for a heavy topspin forehand, a sharp angle off of a backhand slice, or a jumpy kick serve, Confidential never fails to impress. In order to get the best results out of this string, I personally feel like Confidential excels when strung at lower tensions. Lower tension seems to be the recommended route for most polyester strings, especially for shaped polys like Confidential. When paired with a lower tension, I’ve noticed that Confidential still manages to maintain its tension better than most of its competitors, and even better than its siblings like Solinco Tour Bite and Hyper-G.

One of the big benefits of this string is the fact that you can trust it to maintain its feel, spin potential, durability, and tension maintenance even when you opt for the thinner gauges that Solinco offers. As someone who routinely breaks strings once every couple weeks, I used to gravitate towards thicker gauges so that I could maximize the number of hours I could get out of my string bed each time I got my racquets restrung. However, 16 gauge polyesters are known for being less arm friendly, and more jarring for most players. Thanks to Solinco Confidential's impeccable tension maintenance and durability, I’ve managed to obtain long lasting results even after switching to thinner gauges, which has saved my arm from injury as a result.

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