How To Stencil Your Tennis Racquet

How To Stencil Your Tennis Racquet

In this video, Jennifer shows how to stencil a tennis racquet.


Something a lot of you might not know how to do is stenciling your tennis racquet. It's not super popular to do but we definitely get customers that want us to stencil them. Usually with the logo from the company that they're playing with.

In this video it is the Wilson Clash so we're going to stencil the W on it. The first thing you want to do is make sure the stencil is the right direction. In this video it is the Wilson Clash 108 so I am going to start the stencil a little higher. The racquet stencil will then be in the middle of the racquet. This is because it is a larger oversized head size.

You want to make a mental note where you are lining the stencil up because it needs to be the same level on the other side. We always stencil the racquets over the trash can so you do not get ink on the floor. It helps to stencil slowly so that you can be careful not to get ink on the racquet.

Stencil ink comes in a variety of colors. In this video we are using red stencil ink. You just apply the ink with the stencil on the strings, being careful not to get paint all over the rest of the strings and the frame itself.

We get a lot of customers that bring tennis racquets they bought from big box tennis stores and the stencil ink is messy and all over the strings and the racquet frame. There is nothing worse then having a bunch of ink all over your new racquet! A lot of times you can wipe the ink off the frame if it hasn't tried however.

Holding the stencil firm and steady is going to help make the stencil come out nicely. Once you are done with the first side you will then flip the tennis racquet over and reverse the stencil so the stencil lines up on both sides. You kind of can see through the tennis strings which helps line the stencil up easier.

They have really fun racquet stencils such as animals and symbols but most commonly people use the racquet company's stencil such as Wilson or Babolat's.

Coat the area within the stencil really well and it will take a couple hours to dry so do not throw it in your bag or play with it right away. That is a good way to ruin a lot of your other tennis equipment or whatever else is in your tennis bag. It also helps to tap the racquet over the trash can a couple times on each side to remove some of the excess paint.

You should now have a perfectly stenciled tennis racquet, enjoy!

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