Best Pickleball Shoes for men and women

Best Pickleball Shoes for men and women

Did you know that your choice of pickleball shoes can be an exponential factor holding you back on the pickleball court? Boasting a sense of newness, opting for the best pickleball shoes remains hard for many prospective buyers as many sports brands haven’t been committed to making shoes for playing pickleball

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From luxury resorts making space for pickleball courts to celebrities like Leonardo Decaprio touting the game as the new favorite, the pickleball craze is sweeping the country. Thanks to the hype, the sales of the pickleball shoes have appreciated as the sport turned-leisure activity has become the mainstay. 

Did you know that your choice of pickleball shoes can be an exponential factor holding you back on the pickleball court? Boasting a sense of newness, opting for the best pickleball shoes remains hard for many prospective buyers as many sports brands haven’t been committed to making shoes for playing pickleball.

Pickleball Vs Tennis Shoes

 Of course, you can’t look for the best indoor court shoes for pickleball just like that because they don’t exist! Perhaps the experience of the veteran players comes in handy to apprehend the basics to make the best purchase decisions. Some are designed for tennis that works perfectly for the pickleball, and certain foot gears are designed as dedicated shoes for the game. Tennis shoes are dubbed the most appropriate court shoes for pickleball as they deliver adequate protection to the feet. But they can’t be used for indoor courts as they are comparatively heavier to allow quick movements that are core to pickleball games. 

 In our opinion, finding the right pickleball shoes for beginners is eccentric to learning the game. Most importantly, wearing the wrong pickleball shoes will certainly put you at the risk of foot injuries while compromising your performance on the court.

 Do you want to have a good time playing the fastest-growing recreational sport? In that case, it is quintessential to have the right footgear to prompt stability, right cushioning, and grip to protect your tendons, joints, and muscles, ensuring maximum mobility to master the moves. 

What to look for in the pickleball shoes?


As you will be running from point to point, jumping up and down a lot, ankle and knee strain is the most common injury if you are not wearing proper pickleball court shoes. The finest pickleball shoes feature a stiff sole to provide ample protection against the impacts.

Ankle support

To pick the right gear, consider the mobility while sprinting back and forth across the court. To corroborate the ability to move freely, the pickleball court shoes should have sturdy ankle support to ensure you will be safe during quick changes in direction. 

Light responsive sole

The indoor court shoes are different from the outdoor court. Accentuating a usually hard, glossy, wood, or vinyl flooring, the best indoor court shoes boast a little more rugged grip and a light anti-marking rubber bottom with a light sole near the front to move around the court and shift directions with ease. 


The outdoor pickleball shoes need to have more durability as the outdoor courts chew up the souls of your shoes. We have sprawled through the internet to accent the best pickleball court shoes for both indoor and outdoor that might be hard for you to spot as a beginner. 

K –Swiss HyperCourt Express

Unifying a discrete amalgam of quickness of a running shoe and lasting comfort, this pickleball shoe for men adds aesthetic value and sustenance to the synthetic breathable upper. Thanks to its plush interior, the k-Swiss is certainly a big dog for premium quality athletic shoes making it to the list of best outdoor pickleball shoes 2022. Accenting ventilation, the K-Swiss sole’s Glide Guide technology and the Aosta 7.0 high abrasion rubber outsole create super-sticky outsole traction that corroborates firmness and stability while ensuring grip on all courts when hitting the shots on the move. 

Although the pickleball shoe has a low arch, the mid-foot chassis maintains support, and its K-EVA midsole amplifies shock absorption for steady playing. Though it is judged as the expensive pickleball court shoes, The ORTHOLITE sock liner adds the flair of cushion and comfort, establishing these shoes provide the features you need to gain a competitive edge in the court. No matter how often you play, the generous amount of tread, as well as the roomy toe box of this pickleball shoe for men, oozes convenience. 

ASICS Men's Gel-Resolution Tennis Shoe 

Exuding a flicker of virtuosity, the brand’s gel resolution line has historically been the best, featuring gel-based cushioning in the rear foot and the front foot to fortify the impact from sudden movements on the court. Highlighting the red color and its symbolism of the sun in Japan, the ASICS pickleball shoes maintain stability and longevity while bringing in some new characteristics to boost comfort. The first new element in this men’s pickleball shoe is the DYNAWALL that sits above the mid-wall, designed to blend stoutness and flexibility during lateral movements and coast-to-coast coverage. The Flexion fit upper of these ASICS pickleball shoes acts as a brace when the player hits the brakes to change directions, preventing the chances of slipping and spraining the ankle. Moreover, the AHAR plus outsole on the pickleball shoes boasts the grooves redesigned for better court grip, slide control, and controlling power. 

Women’s ASICS Gel Resolution 8 Tennis Shoes

The iconic style of this iteration creates a snug fit that protects the foot and ankle. Flaunting our number pick from the best indoor court shoes for women, the pickleball shoe features the AHAR, and a gummy rubber outsole offers the grip you need for hardwood indoors. These ASICS pickleball shoes constituent GEL cushioning system the proffer shock attenuation and provides better mobility. Fortified with the Trusstic system throughout the midfoot, the pickleball shoe for women reduces the weight of the sole while averting too much twisting motion. This gives more steadiness while reaching for the ball or sliding laterally. The exterior top of this ASICS pickleball shoe constitutes Flexion Fit Tru Trap shields the entire foot while promoting breathability. In addition to that, the toe is also secured with a PGaurd protector, which authenticates minimal wear and tears. 

Men’s Babolat SFX 3 Tennis Shoe

Featuring into the list of the best pickleball court shoes for men, Babolat pickleball shoes offer immense durability. The surface might be a little rough when playing in the outside court, so these pickleball shoes for men notch up your game with their Kompressor system. Thanks to the multilayer Ergo motion insole of the pickleball shoes, the cushioned interior is designed with a flair of luxury and breathability. The rugged built and cushioned sole facilitates the players to deliver dynamic performance with an exceptional level of flexibility. Other than the comfort fit, these Babolat pickleball shoes are characterized by an upper mesh flaunting an expansive toe area for wider feet to allow you to move with ease. 

Women’s Babolat Jet Tere Tennis Shoes

Are you looking to enhance your pace, resilience, and steadfastness in the court? Then Tere is designed for speed! Dripping in opulence, these Babolat pickleball shoes add to your aesthetic sense emanating an aerated mesh to aptly respond to the different scenarios in the court while maintaining a good compromise between lightness, ease, and agility. Manufactured with the exponential KRPS-X system to protect the heels from the shocks, these pickleball shoes for women have an additional cushioning via Active Flexion that aids to minimize foot injuries. The Babolat pickleball shoes prompt a sleek silhouette and a reliable design to withstand abrasions inching up its robustness. 

Women’s Adidas Stella Court Shoes

Adidas Stella Barricade Boost has returned as the Stella Court pickleball shoes. Designed to handle even the most dishevelled courts, ADIDAS pickleball shoes for women show off an enticing Stella McCartney design that keeps you in the lead against your opponents. Capturing the essence of luxury with the flair of elegance, these are the best indoor court shoes featuring a one-piece design that allows the top and bottom of the shoe to snug fit as one piece. The flexible grooves along the outsole sustain a platform for multidirectional movements. Thanks to their energy-returning Boost midsoles, these pickleball court shoes for women have a double-layer Prime knit breathable top that keeps your feet sweat-free. The ubiquitous style with the hue of urbanity adds to the impeccable details with Torsion system technology to maintain ferocious grip.

Adorning your wardrobe with comfortable, hard-wearing pickleball shoes is imperative to inch up your game’s pace. If you are looking to overhaul your sports footwear, Courtside Tennis is an expansive hub featuring the right foot gear bolstered with a punch of attractive designs and color schemes to treat your eyes while giving your feet the sheer breathability and optimal comfort to ace the game.

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