Best Pickleball paddles for spin

Best Pickleball paddles for spin

Pickleball is a fun game which at times can get really competitive as well. Whenever there is competition, you need to have the best tools at your disposal. One good way to get the better of your opponent in pickleball is to have a paddle with more spin in your hand. Discover some best paddles for spin.

Best Pickleball Paddles for Spin

Pickleball is a fun game which at times can get really competitive as well. Whenever there is competition, you need to have the best tools at your disposal. One good way to get the better of your opponent in pickleball is to have a paddle with more spin in your hand. We have been trying multiple paddles to find the best pickleball paddle for spin and control. After playing with various paddles, I can confidently tell you that pickleball spin paddles are the real deal. Having a paddle that gives you more spin will not only help you in your serves but will also allow you to have more control in the rallies.

Before we hunt for the best pickleball paddle for a spin, let us answer a few questions that might be eating your mind out right about now!

1. Are some pickleball paddles better at putting spin?                      

In one word, YES! Simone Jardim, three times pickleball gold medalist, confirmed that the paddle she uses gives her more spin during the game. We too, after trying over 15 pickleball paddle options, completely agree with Mrs. Jardim.

Size of the sweet spot along with shape and weight of the paddle are some of the major factors that determine the spin. The larger the sweet spot, the more control you have over your spin shots. Similarly, the oval shape provides balance to a paddle which will help your arm swing to create more spin. Lastly, the weight. Heavy paddles have more weight distributed towards their head which adds more force in the top-spins.

I should also add that the material and surface of paddles also contributes towards more spin. Composite material pickleball paddles have an exceptional ability to give a precise spin to any player. Paddles having textured surfaces creates more traction during shots allowing players to generate extra spin during their game.

2. Does spin matter in pickleball?   

Of course, it does. Imagine you are holding the best pickleball paddle for spin in your hand. You will have the freedom to create more spin in your shots giving you an edge over your opponent. Serves with more spin are more difficult to return and counter. While using a pickleball spin paddle, players can also benefit during a rally by generating more topspin and sidespin to deceive their opponent.

Hopefully we all will be on the same page by now, let us go through the list that will help you choose the best pickleball paddle for spin! Fortunately, all these pickleball paddles are USAPA approved, and you can use them in tournaments and other official games.

Our top 6 picks to help you get the best pickleball paddle for spin


Selkirk, a family-based company owned by two brothers and a father, is one of the market leaders when it comes to pickleball paddles. Its Amped series is pioneering a completely new technology with its Fiberflex Fiberglass face along with X5 polypropylene core making the S2 one of the most desired pickleball paddle amongst all advanced as well as new players. Its short handle coupled with a large face gives you a larger sweet spot to hit your shots. The Selkirk Amped S2, by virtue of its traditional design and unique built quality, provides you the luxury of unparalleled control and power. As a result of these characteristics, the S2 users can have advantage over their opponents by creating more spin in their shots.


Franklin has always been a reliable option for all the pickleball players.The Ben Johns Signature Pickleball Paddle is specifically designed for maximum spin and control. Its premium quality material dampens all the vibrations ensuring you an effortless contact shot. Its durable core, made of propylene, will keep your paddle sturdy for many years to come. Priced at $99, this pickleball paddle is perfect for all those players who want to up their game to the next level. Having pickleball paddle made specially for spin, that too at this low price, keeps the market competition healthy and in the right direction.


Selkirk has engineered the Vanguard 2.0 S2 paddle with the advanced Pro-spin textured surface that gives you more spin than ever before. Thanks to its durable carbon fiber technology, the pro-spin surface easily resists damage enabling you to have consistency and maximum spin for years and years. It is one of the best pickleball paddle for spin and is recommended for all the players having skill level from beginner to professional.


Another top quality pickleball paddle that comes with a spin friendly surface making it a perfect candidate for players looking for a pickleball paddle with the most spin. Its comfortable grip dampens the vibrations and gives you a softer feel in your hands. Head Extreme Tour has a unique diamond shaped design along with a lighter weight, as compared to other paddles, which makes this paddle ideal for fast paced games. Available at the price of $135, this is the best head pickleball paddle for spin and is recommended for intermediate to advanced level players.


Engage pickleball paddles usually have a perfect balance between reach, power, and control. However, Encore MX 6.0 comes with a new shape and a rough textured skin that gives you the additional luxury of more spin in your shots. Vibration control technology will give you a comfortable feel while you play pickleball. Available for $159, MX 6.0 is perfect for players who rely heavily on spin shots during their game.


Coming with one of the largest sweet spots, the Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro offers unmatched reliability and control making it ideal for players who want to achieve the highest levels of performance. Rated 10/10 for control and forgiveness, this pickleball paddle has become the favorite of many and easily a candidate for best pickleball paddle for spin. Its textured graphite surface adds traction during shots giving you the opportunity to create more top spin during your rallies.

  1. What pickleball paddle gives the most spin?

With the technology advancing to new levels day by day, choosing a single pickleball paddle with most spin is quite tricky. All the paddles mentioned above have unique properties that make them different from each other. If I had to select one best pickleball paddle for spin amongst these, my favorite would be Franklin Ben Johns Signature paddle. The reason behind this is its low price that the company has managed to keep despite creating it specifically for maximum spin while keeping it within the guidelines of USAPA. However, if you are someone who does not worry about the budget and wants to have the premium experience, Selkirk Vanguard 2.0 S2 pickleball paddle is the best choice for you.

  1. Which Selkirk paddle is best for spin?

As mentioned before, Selkirk is the leading brand in the world of pickleball. They offer a huge variety of pickleball paddles for all types of players. But for someone who is specifically looking for spin paddles, Vanguard 2.0 S2 and Amped S2 are undoubtedly the best options. Both these paddles give you complete control of your shots and are also exceptional in creating some extra spin.


Pickleball continues to evolve as a sport. What started as a casual fun game, somewhat a mixture of tennis and ping pong, now has progressed to an athletic sport that people are playing worldwide. Players are now more skillful than before and with each passing day, new techniques are coming out. For example, putting spin on the ball, which was once a very difficult skill, has become a norm now.

Luckily, the companies have responded well to the demand by introducing high tech pickleball paddles that players can use to improve their skill set. The innovation of the textured surface maximizes the spin offered by a paddle. Players can use them to put extra topspin/backspin/sidespin during their game.

However, it is worth mentioning that the paddles alone are not to put spin on your shots no matter how expensive they are. Just like a $200 football shoe is not enough to score a goal, a paddle is not enough to create spin even if you are having the best pickleball paddle for spin in your hand. To achieve maximum advantage of these paddles, you need to build right pickleball skills and practice a lot. Learn from your coach, put extra time on the court and never give up. Always remember, practice makes the man perfect!

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