A Comprehensive Guide on Head Pickleball Paddles

A Comprehensive Guide on Head Pickleball Paddles

HEAD is well-known for producing tennis rackets that have won awards and have just entered the pickleball market. With pickleball's meteoric rise in popularity over the last few years, it's no surprise that some of the industry's longtime powerhouses have begun producing rackets just for it. 

HEAD is well-known for producing tennis rackets that have won awards and have just entered the pickleball market. With pickleball's meteoric rise in popularity over the last few years, it's no surprise that some of the industry's longtime powerhouses have begun producing rackets just for it. Head is introducing some of the greatest head pickleball paddles in that same market, showcasing its ambition by giving top pros the best paddles.

Why Use Head Pickleball Paddles?

Pickleball paddles, or "heads," are easily identifiable thanks to their various forms, sizes, and names. Their diamond forms vary widely. These paddles are authentic Head merchandise, designed from the ground up. Head is well recognized as a market leader in premium sportswear and gear. The business also manufactures equipment for other sports, such as tennis, squash, swimming, snorkeling, racquetball, and skiing. The firm has diversified, although its roots are in the ski business.

Are Head Pickleball Paddles High Quality?

Since they began production in 2017, Head pickleball paddles have been a popular option for players of all skill levels. Head produces a wide range of pickleball paddles designed to suit a wide range of playing skills and tastes so that you won't be short of alternatives. Head has four different series of paddles, so it is the best option if you want a wide selection for pickleball. You may choose from the Gravity Series, the Extreme Series, the Radical Series, as well as the Margaritaville Series.

Top 5 Head Pickleball Paddles

1.  The Extreme Lite Pickleball Paddle

When it comes to Head pickleball paddles, we choose the Extreme Lite above all others. One of the greatest lightweight paddles that can still endure the back of the court is the Head Extreme Lite, thanks to its graphite face, diamond paddle surface, and polymer core.

The head extreme pickleball paddle is great if you want lightweight paddles that provide enough control and don't prevent you from drinking as you play. The Extreme Lite paddle has a width of 7/8 inches and a length of 16 inches. These reduced weight and size paddles are easier to use and give you more control. In addition to producing an epic pop when striking and smashing balls from beyond the field, the carbon-graphite face gives exceptional control and feel at the net. You may also choose to buy head extreme elite pickleball paddle is place of this paddle.

2. Head Radical Tour

Head Radical Tour is "Most Wanted" if there is a "Need For Speed." Choose Radical Tour if you value strength and velocity above calm and precision. These are made for the most experienced pickleball players. This paddle is an incredible bargain with its polymer core and graphite surface. It's great for those who are having a brief conversation and need to respond quickly. Your bullets will not even land on the remarkable carbon-graphite surface. Instead, they will flash. Once the ball is aligned with the sweet spot on the Head Radical Tour, it takes off at a remarkable clip. Head radical tour pickleball paddle is one of the top selling pickleball paddles.

3.  Head Extreme Pro Composite

Regarding cutting-edge technology, few paddles can compete with the Heads Extreme Pro composite paddle. Besides being portable and easy to transport, it also comes with various impressive upgrades that can be combined to create a classic appearance. The Extreme Pro Composite Palette combines a textured face with a polymer core to provide a hazardous twist-focused paddle. This bat is 16 inches long, making it possible (and maybe desirable) to make a cross-field hit. This Pickleball paddle is mostly used as an alternative of head gravity pickleball paddle.

4. Head Radical Elite

After checking out those three high-end paddles, here's a beginner's alternative for the power-hungry gamers among you. The Radical Elite head pickleball paddles, which have the same Dynamic Power design as the Radical Pro and Tour, is among the hardest of the hard sets and weigh roughly 8.1 oz. This paddle is not equipped with Extreme Spin technology since it is intended for novice players. Despite this, it's a terrific alternative for newcomers to the gaming world, thanks to its intuitive interface and robust features. Beginners don't need sophisticated equipment to concentrate on the fundamentals. Most people prefer this paddle after reading head pickleball paddles reviews.

5.  Head Radical Pro

When it comes to comfort and spin control, the Head Radical Pro pickleball paddle is a terrific alternative for players who like a heavier paddle. The fiberglass surface of this professional pickleball paddle makes every smash clear and audible. As a bonus, the paddle's fiberglass surface makes it easier to maintain command over its spin. The optimal playability of the paddle facilitates directing the ball in the desired direction with more ease.

The 8.1-ounce (230 gram) weight of the most often used Head pickleball paddle is on the higher end. Consequently, using it may be a strenuous exercise and might not be a good choice for those who tire quickly. The golfer will experience less hand fatigue thanks to the comfort grip technology, which reduces vibrations after each swing.

Why Having the Appropriate Pickleball Paddles Can Make a Big Difference

The key to success in pickleball, or any other racquet or paddle sport, is learning to use your paddle like an extension of your own arm. After all, in pickleball, the only way to hit the ball over the net is to use your pickleball paddles, and you need more than just one of these things! Below, we describe the many factors that influence a pickleball's choice of the paddle(s).

Weight of a Pickleball Paddle

If you were to poll any experienced pickleball player, they would all agree that the paddle's weight is the most crucial variable. Why? The weight will affect your swing, the shots you can hit, and the stress placed on your arm and body throughout the swinging action. Pickleball paddles range in weight from a scant 6 ounces to about 16 ounces (very heavy). The weight will affect your swing, so keep it in mind. You may generate greater forward velocity with a heavier paddle, sending the ball flying towards your opponent's court. A heavier paddle might mean less control and endurance throughout a long game.

The opposite is true with a pickleball paddle: reducing the weight will give you far more mobility and agility, which are crucial in almost every game. The lightweight, though, might compromise your ability to hit a "clear winner" with the ball and leave you vulnerable to being overwhelmed by your opponent. The characteristics of light, medium, and heavy pickleball paddles will be discussed. This is one of the top factors that manufacturers consider while making pickleball paddles for experts.

Size of Pickleball Paddle Grip

Choose a paddle with a grip size that suits you since this is one of the most crucial factors in the game of pickleball with the paddle's weight. Choosing the correct grip size depends on many criteria, and doing so will profoundly affect your game in general and the kind of strokes you can hit in particular.

It's important to remember that selecting the incorrect grip size might have SERIOUS consequences for your health. For the same reason that using a paddle with the wrong weight may cause or exacerbate tennis elbow, using the wrong grip size can do the same! This article will go through several methods often used to determine grip size. To begin, it's important to know that there are generally three sizes available for pickleball grips: small, medium, and large. This is one of the benefits of using Head pickleball paddles.

Materials Used in the Construction of Pickleball Paddles

OK, so you know how much weight you want your paddle to have, how big your hands are, and what kind of paddle striking area surface size you want; now what? You should be aware that a large variety of pickleball paddles are available, each made from a unique combination of materials. Let's start with the paddles inside and move on to their outer components (or face).


Where Are Head Pickleball Paddles Made?

Most head pickleball paddles are proudly manufactured in the United States of America, and great care is taken to guarantee that the phrase "Made in the USA" accurately represents the superior design and quality of these paddles. The pickleball paddles in calidornia manufacturer offers a limited lifetime warranty on all pickleball paddle heads, in addition to a 5-year dead spot guarantee. Most users prefer Head pickleball paddles with free shipping.

Should Beginners Use Head Pickleball Paddles?

Most paddles are suitable for players of varying skill levels like beginners or pros. However, there are some paddles from which you should keep clear. If you're just starting at pickleball, a mid-weight paddle is a way to choose since extremes in weight may be off-putting.


If you're reading this, you're probably one of the most well-versed buyers of pickleball paddles, and you know all there is to know about them. When playing pickleball, the appropriate paddle makes all the difference, as we found out. We spoke about the range of possible grip sizes and weights. Graphite, fiberglass, and composite are some of the most mainstream exterior building materials.

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