CRBN 2X Power Series Pickleball Paddle


CRBN 2X Power Series Pickleball Paddle

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CRBN 2X Power Series Pickleball Paddle


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Introducing the CRBN Pickleball Power Series: the perfect tool for elite players looking for more power.

This performance pickleball paddle is crafted with the same durable, gritty carbon fiber face that you can expect from CRBN, with additional and unmatched power and pop. No expense was spared making this the best power-focused carbon fiber paddle on the market. The perfect balance of durability, touch, and power allow you to be even more aggressive on the courts.

UNIBODY DESIGN Other brands attach their handle to a separate paddle face creating a weak joint at the neck where the paddle can flex and eventually break. We utilize a unibody design with carbon fiber running from the face down through the handle which stiffens the paddle, makes it more responsive and durable, and provides a more ergonomic grip.

FOAM INJECTED EDGE WALLS This paddle features injected foam running around the edges and down through the handle. This foam adds stability, eliminates vibration, and greatly expands the sweet spot leading to improved shot consistency no matter where you hit the ball.

Dominate the competition and elevate your game with the CRBN Pickleball Power Series.




  • Colors:  Black/White/Red
  • Length:  15.75"
  • Thickness:  14mm/16mm
  • Grip Circumference:  4.125" (Actual grip sizes may vary up to 1/8")
  • Handle Length:  4.75"
  • Paddle Technology:  T700 Carbon Fiber
  • Composition/Construction:  Polypropylene Honeycomb Core, Raw T700 Carbon Fiber Face
  • Weight:  7.8-8.1 oz.
  • Player Type:  Intermediate-Advanced
  • Approved By:  USAPA Approved
  • Misc:  Free Paddle Cover Included
  • Headsize:  8" Paddle Width
  • Sport:  Pickleball


Courtsides Take - 

CRBN Power Series Pickleball Paddle Review

By: Stephen M


CRBN’s latest and greatest pickleball paddles have been flying off the shelves since their debut in 2022. Thanks to their new and improved carbon fiber surface, CRBN’s Power Series paddles have the perfect blend of power and control. If you’re looking for a paddle that has terrific plow through and generates heaps of spin, this might be the paddle for you. 


When it comes to power and plow through on drives and put away shots, CRBN’s Power Series paddles excel. The gritty carbon fiber surface on these paddles add the perfect combination of power and control. CRBN’s unibody design provides a stiffer feel on contact which enhances control while also giving you a little extra pop on your groundstrokes. Personally, I love how this paddle helps me manage my opponents fast pace returns and drives, as the carbon fiber surface does a tremendous job at grabbing the ball and placing it with precision. 


Whether you're camping out at the back of the court, or you find yourself stranded in no-man's-land, the CRBN Power Series does an exquisite job on drops and resets. These paddles have some of the grittiest textures on the market, and that becomes apparent the moment you start playing with it. In my experience, this paddle makes it easier to caress dropshots with extra backspin, but also brush up the back of the ball on soft topspin drops. 


Despite the name, CRBN’s Power Series paddles have exceptional feel and control. Playing at the kitchen line requires precision and accuracy. Luckily, the carbon fiber surface on these paddles make it easy to place dinks within the narrowest of margins. In particular, I find the CRBN 1x to be extremely maneuverable around the kitchen, and helpful on soft finesse shots. Whenever I need to cut the ball with a little backspin, this paddle helps me achieve that with ease. 


Overall, the CRBN Power Series is a fantastic paddle that shines in more ways than one. This paddle’s superlative versatility allows all-court players to feel confident in going for any shot. From my experience, this paddle offers the perfect balance of power, control, and durability, which can be hard to find from other brands. Whatever position I find myself in on the court, I feel like I can trust this paddle to do its job without fail. If you’re in the market for a premium pickleball paddle this is the paddle for you.