Test Drive Top-Quality Racquets and Paddles at our Rockridge Location

Plus: 30% Discount on Performance Court Footwear!

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  • One of the best racquet and paddle demo programs on the planet! 

  • Take advantage of over 300 demos at each location

  • The best part, it's free when a purchase is made!

Terms & Conditions

  • Take three racquets/paddles at a time for $25 for 30 days.
  • You can exchange racquets/paddles as much as you like during the 30 days.
  • The $25 you spend goes towards the purchase of a racquet or paddle.
Court Shoe Discount
  • Demo between now and 4/30/24 to receive a 30% off a pair of court shoes bought the same day with us. Use promocode: COURT30 (code valid in-store only)
  • Discount only available in-store
  • One pair of shoes per customer
  • Offer is valid to 4/30/24 at our new Rockridge location.

Let our experts help you pick out the perfect racquet/paddle for your game today.