Improve Your Game

Every pickleball player has a different playing style and goals for what they want to achieve in their game – which is why you can shop paddles by type. Long handle pickleball paddles have become increasingly popular for their versatility in the sport. You’ll discover various innovative technologies designed to achieve a larger sweet spot, provide maximum spin and control, and deliver the perfect feel. Some paddles even come with features like vibration control and a unique composition that’s made to pass community noise requirements!


Are long pickleball paddles better than short paddles?

There’s no “better” paddle – only the one that’s best for your game. Generally, long paddles will give you increased power and maximum control, while short handle pickleball paddles will offer greater spin and may be easier to maneuver.

Can beginners use a long handle pickleball paddle?

Yes, long handles can be used for any player from beginner to pro. These paddles may give you a more comfortable grip, increased reach, and a better feel that’ll help you improve your technique.

Will a long paddle impact my playing style?

Switching paddles shouldn’t affect your technique too much. The primary adjustment will be the weight distribution of the paddle face with your grip. However, the increased comfort and reach are well worth any brief adjustments.

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