The New Head Speed Legend

The New Head Speed Legend

The Head Speed Legend is generating excitement in tennis clubs, although there is little official information. Speculation and rumors circulate on forums, with hopes of an all-black glossy finish and a different spec from the 2024 line. Expected to replace the speed MP and pro limited rackets, it may have a similar cosmetic and is endorsed by Novak Djokovic. Anticipated release date is mid-May, potentially seen at the French Open.
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The anticipation of the new Head Speed Legend is stirring up a lot of buzz around the tennis clubs. All is speculation at the moment since Head has hardly revealed anything about its cosmetics or if it will be any different from the current 2024 speed line. But there are forums where gossip is being traded and people just as excited as us are letting rumors fly. 

What we know for sure is it will be all Black! A fan-favorite cosmetic when it comes to rackets and hopefully with a glossy finish. Endorsed by Novak, the racket has his emblem discreetly placed at the throat of the racket and, fingers-crossed, that this racket takes on a slightly different Spec to the current Speed. Like Rafa's Origin racket, Federer's RF97, Babolat's Roddick Pure drive, the SW102, and some other Rackets that are supposedly used on tour by the pros they are endorsed by, we're hoping this Djokivic-endorsed racket boasts similar specs to what he's using on tour. Doubtful but we can dream.  

This Legends line is going to be replacing the speed MP and pro limited rackets that are currently for sale, so expectations are that they will fall into the same line of specifications. In my opinion, that racket had a perfect cosmetic, and I'm hoping this one will be just as cool. The release date is looking like mid-May. I'm sure we will see Novak repping the new look at the French Open this year.  

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