Wilson Natural Gut
Wilson Natural Gut
Wilson Natural Gut


Wilson Natural Gut

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Gauge:16g (1.30mm)

Wilson Natural Gut


Best in class for comfort, feel and power, Wilson's Natural Gut is regarded as the premiere tennis string despite modern synthetic advancements. Comprised of natural serosa fibers treated in bath of stabilizing chemicals with outer coating applied for protection, this string is incredibly arm-friendly and powerful. New manufacturing techniques have improved its durability by 15% compared to previous versions of the string.

  • Created Season202006
  • Gauge16 and 17
  • mm1.30 and 1.25
  • Sub-DepartmentRacket String
  • Sub DepartmentRacket String
  • Model TypeStandard
  • LengthSet: 40 ft / 12.2 m


  • Best overall tennis string available
  • Ultimate control and feel in every shot
  • Excellent tension maintenance for long-term playability
  • Durability increases 15% compared to previous versions
  • Natural serosa fibers twisted together with special outer coating applied for protection and easier installation